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Rent/Maintenance FAQ

What if an electrical appliance or light fixture is not working?
Try pushing the GFI reset button that is located on several outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage. If an outlet isn't working in the living room, try flipping the wall switches. Some of the outlets have half of the outlet wired to a wall switch. Still not working, call our office.

What if the garage door opener doesn't work?
If the hand transmitter isn't working but the wall button is, try changing the batteries in the transmitter. If neither the hand transmitter or the wall button is not working, make sure that nothing is blocking the eyes located on both sides of the garage door opening 6" off the floor. Still not working, call our office.

What if there is a leak in the plumbing?
Put a bucket under the leak and call our office.

What if the toilet is plugged?
Try plunging it or call our office.

Toilet is running or won't shut off completely?
Call our office. This needs to be repaired, or your water bill will increase.

What if my key does not go into the lock, or the lock seems to turn hard?
Your lock needs to be lubricated with a lock lubricant. This can be done with a spray silicone, or call our office.

What if the smoke detector is chirping?
Batteries need to be replaced or call our office.

What if the carbon monoxide detector is chirping?
Vacuum the detector. It may need to be replaced. Call our office

What if the air conditioner isn't cooling?
Change the filter. This must be done every 30 days during the heating and cooling season. If you have problems locating the filter, or if it still is not cooling, call our office.

What if my apartment isn't heating or cooling evenly?
Make sure all the vents are open or adjusted correctly. Then try placing the fan switch on the thermostat to on instead of auto. This will constantly re-circulate the air in your unit, which will give you a more even temperature throughout.

What if I'm seeing excessive moisture on the windows?
View Moisture Prevention Guidelines.

What if the dryer is drying slowly?
Make sure lint has been removed from the lint screen. Also make sure there isn't any lint in the hose. If it still is drying slowly, call our office.



How much is the security deposit?
Our standard security deposit is equal to one month's rent.

Do you allow pets?
No, we do not allow pets of any kind in the apartments.

Can I paint my apartment?
Due to the costs involved, we do not allow color changes in our apartments.

Can I add a roommate?
Yes you can; however, they must be pre-approved by us. We do have a maximum of two adults per apartment policy.

What utilities are included?
Utilities are at the tenant's expense. Our units have energy efficient, natural gas heating systems and energy efficient central air systems.

Is there visitor parking?
Guest parking is provided in the driveway or in the street.

What if I need to break the lease?
The tenant is responsible for the lease until we are able to re-rent the unit.

Can I sublease?
Yes; however, the new tenant would have to submit a rental application and be approved.

Can I make home improvements?
We do not recommend modifications; we do have a full time serviceman on our staff. Any changes to the apartment must be approved.