Tomah Property Management
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Moving Guidelines

Prior to moving in, you must contact the following utility companies at least one week before the first day of your lease:

Alliant (electricity) 800-862-6222
We Energies (gas) 800-242-9137
City of Tomah (water) 608-374-7431

Charter (cable/internet) 800-581-0081
There are rules regarding satellite connection and special permission is required. Please contact us.

Move-In Date...
Call to schedule your move-in date, and we will have your move-in packet ready for you to pick up. Your move-in packet will include your keys, garage door opener, and inspection report.

Renter Insurance…..
Be sure to call your insurance agent to obtain your renter’s insurance policy.

Thank you for choosing to rent from
Tomah Property Management.



Ready to move out...
Remember we require a written
30 day notice.

What you will need to know for your move out...
Get a detailed list of what is required for your move-out. Download Move-Out Guidelines.

Security Deposit...
Deposits will be processed within 21 days. Please provide us with your new mailing address so that you may receive your refund as quickly as possible. If we do not have your new address, we will mail it to your old address to be forwarded. Your security deposit refund will be delayed in reaching you.