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Start at the top of the list. If no one answers, proceed to the next number on the list.

Our Main Office 608-372-4553
After Hours Emergency Line 608-567-0254

If still no answer after trying all of the above, call:

Plumbing Emergency:
John Shuck Plumbing 608-387-5136
Don's Plumbing 608-372-4219

Heating Emergency:
Air Doctors 608-344-0026

After Hours Lock Out:
Cheap Keys 608-855-0404

Fires: Use your fire extinguisher!
If grease fire, only use baking soda or cover with a rug. DO NOT USE WATER ON A GREASE FIRE! If necessary, call 911.

Water Main or Water Heater Burst: Immediately turn off the water main and then call us. The water main valve is located next to the water meter (normally near the water heater or furnace). Try to contain the water with towels.

No Heat: Make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. Make sure the heat is set to on, fan is set to auto, temperature is set to the correct temperature, furnace switch is turned on (this is located on or near the furnace), and the panel on the front of the furnace isn't ajar. Still not working...
In mild weather — use a space heater to assist in providing heat until the furnace is repaired, call our office for us to schedule a service man.
in severe weather —use a space heater to assist in providing heat, call the emergency numbers above.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm: Immediately leave building and call the emergency numbers above.



Maintenance requests are normally scheduled within one work day. Fill out the following form to make a maintenance request.





Maintenance Request:

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View Moisture Prevention Guidelines.

View general tips for common maintenance problems.